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Cirrocumulus (Cc)

Fleecy cloud; Cloud banks of small, white flakes.


  • By convection within thin unstable layers.

  • By elevation in lee waves or other atmospheric waves.

  • By far compaction of thin Cirrus clouds.

Possible cloud species, subspecies and special forms:

name abbr. meaning
Cirrocumulus castellanus Cc cas turrets-like
Cirrocumulus floccus Cc flo flaked puffy
Cirrocumulus stratiformis Cc str Expanded horizontal fields or layers.
Cirrocumulus lenticularis Cc len Lens-shaped or almond-shaped, often long stretched bands with sharply minted outlines.
name abbr. meaning
Cirrocumulus undulatus Cc un Wavy arranged cloud banks.
Cirrocumulus lacunosus Cc la perforated (round frayed holes)
special forms
name abbr. meaning
Cirrocumulus mamma Cc mam sac-like, wart-like excrescences at the bottom side of the cloud
Cirrocumulus virga Cc vir Drop strip from ice crystals, which down-hang from the bottom side of the Cirrocumulus.

photos of Cirrocumulus:

Cirrocumulus undulatus   Cirrocumulus virga    

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