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Cirrostratus (Cs)

Milky, translucent cloud veil of ice crystals, which sometimes causes halo appearances around moon and sun.


  • By even and spacious rise of warmer air over colder air in the high troposphere under stable layering.

  • By reorganization from the other Cirrus species.

Weather meaning
The Cirrostratus consists, like the Cirrus und Cirrocumulus, of very small ice crystals and does not lead to precipitation. It indicates with falling air pressure dirty weather. Particularly with Cirrostratus nebulosus precipitation begins in 8 to 24 hours and announces frequently by halo appearances.

Possible cloud species, subspecies and special forms:

name abbr. meaning
Cirrostratus fibratus Cs fib Fibrous veils.
Cirrostratus nebulosus Cs neb Smooth, monotonous and fog-like veil.
name abbr. meaning
Cirrostratus undulatus Cs un Veil with wave formations.
Cirrostratus duplicatus Cs du In two or several layers lying one above the other.

photos of Cirrostratus:

Cirrostratus fibratus Cirrostratus undulatus    

other Cirrostratus clouds: [1][2]

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