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Nimbostratus (Ns)

Rain cloud. Grey, dark layer cloud, indistinct outlines.


  • By rise of expanded air layers into the highest cloud level.

  • From other clouds: By increasing of a Altostratus or by propagation from a Cumulonimbus.

Possible cloud species, subspecies and special forms:

special forms
name abbr. meaning
Nimbostratus virga Ns vir With drop strips at the bottom side if the cloud.
Nimbostratus praecipitatio Ns pra With precipitation, which reaches the ground.
Nimbostratus pannus Ns pan With torn ragged clouds, which develope in the more deeply lying unstable and turbulent layers below the basis of the Nimbostratus due to evaporation of precipitation and which grow together with the Nimbostratus ( “pannus” also applies to Cumulus pannus, Cumulonimbus pannus and Altostratus pannus!)

photos of Nimbostratus:

Nimbostratus praecipitatio Nimbostratus pannus Nimbostratus pannus Nimbostratus praecipitatio
Nimbostratus pannus Nimbostratus praecipitatio Nimbostratus pannus  


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