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Stratus (St)

Evenly grey, low layer cloud, which causes fog or fine precipitation and is sometimes frazzled.


  • By cooling of the lower air layers, in particular by thermal radiation at the upper limit of deep-seated inversions (low Stratus).

  • By turbulence in the near-surface air layer, if it is enriched by precipitation with humidity (pannus forms).

  • From other clouds: From Stratocumulus, whose bottom side drops; from fog.

Possible cloud species, subspecies and special forms:

name abbr. meaning
Stratus nebulosus St neb Nebular, rather monotonous and grey layer cloud.
Stratus fractus St fra Into several parts of different size and brightness layer, which changes its form rapidly.
name abbr. meaning
Stratus undulatus St un wavelike
Stratus translucidus St tr Thinly, more veil-like; Outlines of sun or moon clearly recognizably.
Stratus opacus St op Closely, sun or moon completely covered.
special forms
name abbr. meaning
Stratus praecipitatio St pra With precipitation in the form of drizzles, snow grains or ice prisms.

photos of Stratus:

Stratus nebulosus Stratus nebulosus Stratus fractus Stratus fractus
Stratus fractus      

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